Matt Dobkin

Matt Dobkin
Blues. Country. R&B. Roots.

New Release: “Cosmic Thing”

Check out my four new tracks, available now on iTunes! The EP Cosmic Thing — three originals and one cover, the song “Dues” off the soundtrack to Robert Altman’s film Nashville. The title track takes is named after a sculpture by Mexican artist Damian Ortega. “Morning Light” and “These Questions” are re-imaginings of songs I wrote a few years ago. Hope you enjoy!

Video: “Baby”

Check out the video we made to promote my album Bye and Bye.

Don’t miss: Bye and Bye

Go WAY back to 2014 and experience my ten-song album of bluesy, country-ish, rootsy pop. Inspired by the classic recordings of the early 1970s, when country music and R&B intersected — when soul artists like Al Green recorded country tunes by people like Kris Kristofferson — Bye and Bye reconceives this brand of vintage American music.

  • "Baby"

    © Dag Gabrielsen

  • "One Thing I Miss"

    © Matt Dobkin

  • "Let’s Get Married"

    © Al Green